Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hey guys

Hey everyone
Yes I have finally sent a post out after a few mounths well those mounths have been very very busy I have settled into my new house and school I'm at S.G.H.S and my new house is so so sooo AWESOME my mum loves it we have got a little thai student he is so kwl we just got back from queenstown it was so beautiful and boom our thai student says "its beautiful and he luvs it there" he also said "that he wants to live there and not in invercargill it so kwl" but hes only ten yrs old and i want to know why his mum would sent him over at such a small age i just dont get it. HMMMMMMM oh well.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

camp reflection

On the 21st of november all the year sixes went to camp at borland logde.  It was fun but I would like it if we done everything at Stewart Island.  I would like it if we choose our groups.  We done lots of activitys and they were all really fun.  Next year you should choose the groups that you go in.  Advice for next year, take lots of bug spray.

Reflective learning post.

I learnt that there is a back up belayer when rock climbing.
I had to do rock climbing because it was a task on camp.
Next time I will climb to the top faster.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Reflective learning post.

On Monday the 14th of November I played golf in the Queens park golf tournament.  I learnt that there is a lot of walking around to do and you get sore legs.  I competed because I like playing golf and also I like to play sports.  Next time I will hit the ball much harder so it goes further.  Also my team came fifth!!!!!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

on the 7th of november Myross bush school had a wonderful awesome school pet day.  Everyone from around the community came streaming in with pets because they all wanted to win wonderful ribbons.
Myross bush school had this wonderful pet day to fundraise for the school board of trusties.  There was everything from tractor rides to ponies it was so fun!!!!!
I sure can't wait till next year

Reflective Learning

I played tennis in a tournament on Tuesday.
I competed because I love tennis and I got better at serving in the wind.
Next time I will wait for the wind to stop.

My perswasize writing

Dear Mr Herring

I strongly believe that we should play more games outside because people are getting more and more obese   each day. Also we need more exercise.

Firstly, we have lots of technology and all we do is sit down and look at the screen.  I think having 21st century skills are great to have but we need more exercise.  We should also save some money and spend it all on technology and spend the savings on some more sports gear.

Secondly, we are a country school so we should be outside learning, because we can take in the beautiful scenery we need to appreciate what we have in the country.  We could also invite in some sports players like Jason Rutledge, Pete White maybe even a cyclist to encourage us to get outside.  Kaitlyn my friend says " we should get outside and be active also we need to get vitamin D into our bodies."

Thirdly, did you know that 1,128,500 NZ adults are over weight,  826,100 NZ adults are obese. I learnt that from the ministry of health. That is because we're not getting enough exercise. To encourage ourselves to get outside we could play: blob tag, farmer farmer, cricket , play ground explosion and king dodge.  Just to name a few!  Did you know that is bad for your health to get obese and you can die from obesity its almost like smoking but you get fatter.

Lastly, we shouldn't spend so much on technology and by another tennis court because how would you like it if you where going for a social hit of tennis with your friend and 30 other children come and have a hit too?  Also when your class is going outside for a game and the grass is wet, the activity centre is being used and there is an other class on the tennis court then you have to share, then your all squashed up and it is not fun.

In conclusion  we should get out side more.  Save some money and not spend it all on technology we could save up for another tennis court.  We need to get outside because do you want to look like the fat lazy obese people of wally or do you want a wonderful beach body.  That is why we should get outside and play more games.

By Simone